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CHIC Mommy is your virtual portal into a world of endless learning and discovery within the pregnancy and fertility realm. CHIC Mommy is a community full of women who need a sanctuary to thrive and recharge in. Infertility & Pregnancy go hand in hand and this is where we discuss how they impact the lives of women everywhere every day!
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I'm a Mom...Now What?

So, you've just had your baby and now you feel a little lost...a little unsure...let's chat about it! The journey to Motherhood is not one that comes with an answer key or a rule book! This blog will be dedicated to the discussion of parenthood and how we as women move through those every day decisions... it my fault, his, or no one's?

Infertility can be challenging for couples looking for answers...feel free to share your experiences with infertility and how you manage through all of the tough emotions that comes with it!

Sweet Pea Chic was started because the Owner, Shemaine Fox-Pickens had stories of infertility and pregnancy of her own to tell! This is a topic that may women feel unsupported with...not anymore!

Getting Pregnant & Dealing with Miscarriage...

Many women deal with the pressure of possible miscarriage during pregnancy. Pregnancy is delicate and can come with ups and downs...let's chat about pregnancy and miscarriage and how it impacts the lives of women and their families daily...


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