Behind the Pregnancy Curtain Series: Infertility

There are so many many ins and outs that we don't think about when you actually start to "plan" to start or expand your family. The miracle of conception and giving birth is one that comes with hundreds of little things that absolutely have to go right in order for conception to occur and a baby to come. It's amazing what our bodies are capable of! When we're young like I was and started a family "unplanned" might I add, it just seemed as though getting pregnant was what you were trying to avoid. I was young and I wasn't thinking about all the things that had to line up right then in order for my daughter to be here today.

It just "happened" as it normally does. You're not thinking about progesterone counts, ovulation or cycle days, or making sure you lay in the right position to ensure that you have the best chance to conceive. When you are dealing with Infertility and in my case, unexplained infertility, you battle with an array of emotions, physical and mental exhaustion, and so much more and that can take a toll on your mind and heart.

The purpose of creating Sweet Pea Chic was to give women a chance to breathe; to give them a silver lining over

the world of infertility. It can be an uphill battle and there are days when you need a little more than your doctor saying "it looks good" or "stay positive". That can be downright frustrating after 4 miscarriages and 1 ectopic pregnancy, let me tell you! Sometimes it helps to have other avenues of support! For example, this blog was created to be a sanctuary for women dealing with pregnancy concerns or battling infertility to come and just let off some steam. Our box collection is another avenue of support for not just your body but your spirit. We want Sweet Pea Chic to be your haven; the place you can retreat to when you need to be surrounded by others that are fighting that battle right along side you and who just need a little reminder that the sun will come out tomorrow!

Thank you so much for following and joining our discussions. Feel free to share your thoughts and experiences with us and any advice you have on pregnancy and/or battling infertility. All are welcome here!

Thank you...

Shemaine Fox-Pickens

Owner & Infertility Soldier

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