Infertility...The Secret Hidden in Plain Sight...

Happy Monday Ladies! I hope your weekend was relaxed...or as relaxed as it could be! When I was spending time thinking over the weekend about what to chat with you about today, it occurred to me, why not start right here with Infertility. I was reading this amazing article on, and it really shed some more light on this subject for me. This is an issue that affects not just African American women, but all women. There was a statistic mentioned in this article that stated, only 8% of African American women seek medical help to get pregnant. That was disturbing to me.

This is not a subject that in this day and age is taboo. More and more you see celebrities and other high profile people dealing with infertility. If you read this article it will give you tons of possible reasons why African American women tend to keep silent about infertility, but my goal is to create a safe space around this subject for all women. As a member of the "unexplained infertility" club if you will, I find that it's easier now to talk about it now that I have a better understanding of it. It's a subject that can be deeply painful for women. It can take you to dark place mentally, emotionally and even physically where you see yourself as "not whole", or not a "complete woman" because you can't complete the one essential task your body is made for...reproduction. Now, that is a place that all women dealing with infertility go in their minds, but many don't know why.

Understanding infertility means reaching out to your Doctor to start the conversation. It means standing strong and having an even stronger support system. It means prayer and faith...especially for me! It means having the tough conversations with your significant other and loving and supporting each other through the process. And finally, yes, it does mean having to face the possibility that you may never have children. This is a hard thing to do...but there is hope if you seek it! There are resources in place for women to take advantage of. When I first started my journey of understanding infertility, I didn't know what IUI's or IVF's were. I mean, I understood the general process, but didn't know what was all involved. Boy, did I learn!

As I embark on looking into the IVF (In vitro fertilization) process further, I am much more educated as well as my husband for that matter! This is why I started this give women a place of support. As you are entering the world of infertility you may have may need support, encouragement, or just a place to be neurotic about every single pregnancy symptom that you think may or may not be there! Trust me, I've been there! I hope that you will join us in the conversations...I hope you will share your thoughts with us...your journeys...and help me tear down the barriers around infertility. If we all work to make it a safe word, we all will be less afraid to conquer it!

Remember...Take Care of You...Until Next Week...


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