Speak Life Into Your Story....

Many of us have dealt with and are still dealing with infertility. When I first started on my pregnancy journey, I was thinking to myself, now come on! I've brought two babies into this world and now my body is not cooperating?

I couldn't understand what I had done wrong...what's wrong with me? We as women take infertility so very personally. It's as if it represents an attack on our very womanhood, and for many of us that's just what it is. It's telling us that we cannot do what we are built for. Over the last couple of years, I had to learn how to change that narrative over my life. I realized I didn't know very much about fertility and infertility. So, I did what any woman in my position would do! I took to the internet! Oh, there were lots of boards and forums all about it…gosh I'd never seen so many...and so many other women dealing with this every day. I began to educate myself and realized it's time to seek out a professional. Before I made it there though I began to understand that I had to speak life over my situation. That I couldn't let infertility win the war! It truly was a battle for my emotional and mental state. When those types of doubts begin to enter your mind, you have to shut them down! Plus, my poor husband...many days he just couldn't understand and I was afraid to share with him worrying over his judgment of me too.

I had my moments of humility, embarrassment, resentment, shame, sadness, and more. I thought, what will my husband think? What will my family think? My friends...what will they say? Forgetting that I had an amazing support system...I am lucky...but there are still those thoughts in your mind. So, I decided right then that I would begin to speak life over my fertility...I decided to take control of my situation and learn all I could. Infertility is not a death sentence. Many women go on to IUI's and IVF's and have beautiful and healthy babies. Many women find out that it's just a case of nerves, or low progesterone, or some small detail that our body needs put back in place and BOOM! Here comes the baby!

The point of this is....Don't let infertility take control of you! Be a warrior! Fight it straight on...There is power in knowledge and asking the questions. There is no need to remain in darkness about this. Speak life over your fertility and you will begin to see that the journey to Motherhood is not as far away as you think! We here at SPC are always standing in your corner...ready to serve up a little happiness and joy with every box we create for our CHIC Warriors!

Until Next Time Ladies...Remember...Take care of you!

Shemaine <3

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